Teddy Bear Project: Brazil and USA

Teddy Bear Project: Wherever they go the “teddies” bring peace, friendship, tolerance, respect for cultural diversity and lots of fun! We believe that kids who have experienced this exchange will be more concerned about other people’s needs and the importance of peace promotion among humankind.matilde

Teddy Bear

Name: Matilde Pinheiro

Where she’s from: Sao Paulo, Brazil

School she’s from: EMEF Pres. Joao Pinheiro

Teacher from Brazil: Rose Gimenes

How did she get to America?

Matilde traveled with her teacher Rose Gimenes to the IEARN conference in Brasilia. While she was there she met an American teacher named Lashaunda Robinson. Rose told Lashaunda about Matilde and how she could help build peace and relationships in her classroom with students in Rose’s classroom. They thought it would be great to exchange bears so both of their classes of students could learn the importance of promoting peace among all people all over the world.

ms robinson and matilde


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